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Natural Health Product Supplier

SHP or Swanson Health Products is natural health catalog & Internet marketing company based at Fargo, North Dakota. The company sells wellness & natural health products, including dietary supplements, health foods, such as minerals, vitamins, herbs in addition to natural products of personal care directly to the doorstep of consumers with help of an e-commerce website and mail-order catalogs. Swanson Health Products is actually United State’s biggest privately held retailer of vitamin catalog and is also one of major employers in Fargo with a probable workforce of 500 employees.


Swanson Health Products or SHP has more than 14,000 products, ranging from “eco-friendly” cleaning products for home to supplements & vitamins. The company has twenty Swanson branded lines that wrap the whole spectrum of products related to natural health, plus some organic foods and OTC drugs. Since 2001, Swanson Health Products has willingly participated in free third-party GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) audits to keep high-quality products. Swanson Health Products regularly provide their supplements to testing for a detailed third-party review of product efficacy and safety. In a survey in 2012 of over 10,000 users of supplement, Health Products of Swanson was voted America’s number 1 rated Internet/catalog brand based on satisfaction of customer.

Getting a Swanson health product is not a big deal now because of an e-commerce website of Swanson. It is now very easy to look for a complete range of natural health products which is being offered by Swanson and you can place your order instantaneously with help of some click of your mouse. For their esteemed users, Swanson also offers something different then other natural health products supplier and that is Swanson promo codes. Swanson promo codes help you to earn more discounts by placing an online order and enjoy even more discount with Buy 1 and Get 1 free offer.